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Renal & Urology NewsProstate Cancer Survival Differs by Site of Visceral Metastases

Lung-Only Visceral Metastases in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Associated with Best Overall Survival

Understanding the prognostic factors in metastatic prostate cancer is essential for tailored patient care. A new study reveals that patients with lung-only visceral metastases have better overall survival rates than those with metastases in other visceral sites such as liver and brain.

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This study offers crucial insights into tailoring patient care for those with prostate cancer. Knowing that lung-only visceral metastases are associated with better survival outcomes can inform treatment planning and patient counseling. Additionally, this study should serve as a catalyst for more focused research on dose intensification and individual patient strategies.

Key Points:
  • The study included 1,827 patients with metastatic prostate cancer and found that the median overall survival (OS) time was 22 months.
  • Patients with lung-only metastases had a median OS time of 33 months, whereas those with liver-only or brain-only metastases had median OS times of 15 and 16 months, respectively.
  • Men with two or more visceral metastatic sites had a median OS time of just 15 months.
  • Among those with lung-only metastases, the highest OS was observed in patients with concurrent non-visceral metastases in lymph nodes only, with a median OS of 57 months.
  • Multivariable Cox regression models showed that liver-only, brain-only, and 2 or more visceral metastases were associated with 2.1-, 2.1, and 2.0-fold increased risks of all-cause mortality, respectively.
Additional Points:
  • The study used data from the 2010-2016 Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) database.
  • Of the 1,827 patients, 57% had lung-only metastases, 25% liver-only, 7% brain-only, and 11% had metastases in two or more visceral sites.
  • The study lacked specific details on the number of metastases at each site and did not include information on treatment type, dose, and duration.

Among men with lung-only metastases and concurrent non-visceral metastases in lymph nodes only, the median overall survival was an impressive 57 months.

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