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MDLinx‘Stress-bragging’ Makes You Less Likable

Boasting about stress levels in the workplace can diminish perceived competence and likability, while normalizing stress can lead to widespread burnout and dissatisfaction among colleagues.

A study published in Personnel Psychology reveals that openly bragging about stress at work can negatively impact how colleagues perceive one’s competence and likability. This behavior, referred to as stress-bragging, also fosters an environment where high stress levels become the norm, potentially leading to burnout and decreased productivity. Healthcare professionals, who often experience high levels of stress, should be aware of these findings to maintain positive workplace dynamics and effective leadership.

Key Points:

  • Impact on Perceptions: Stress-bragging makes individuals seem less likable and less competent to their colleagues.
  • Normalization of Stress: When stress-bragging occurs, it creates an environment where high stress levels are normalized, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: People tend to look up to those who are positive and composed under pressure, as these qualities are associated with leadership and effective collaboration.
  • Study Findings: The study involved 360 participants who responded negatively to colleagues who boasted about their stress, viewing them as less competent and less warm.
  • Social Experiment: Participants were less likely to assist colleagues who engaged in stress-bragging, indicating a reduction in workplace cooperation.
  • Expression of Stress: Casually discussing stress with trusted colleagues does not have the same negative impact as stress-bragging.
  • Expert Opinion: Mental health professionals agree that stress-bragging can be perceived as a lack of emotional intelligence and can undermine perceptions of competence.
  • Resentment and Inequity: Bragging about stress may cause colleagues to feel that the braggart is more dedicated, breeding resentment.
  • Negative Impacts: Stress-bragging hints at broader societal issues with stress, potentially leading to chronic stress, stigma around seeking help, and decreased productivity.
  • Practical Advice: Instead of boasting about stress, individuals should confide in trusted friends or colleagues to avoid negative perceptions.

“When people constantly talk about their stress as though it’s a badge of honor, it normalizes high stress levels. It just spills over onto the co-worker next to them.”
– Jessica Rodell, Professor of Management at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business

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