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OBR Oncology“System Failures” After Acquisition Leave Cancer Patients in Limbo

Messino Cancer Centers Cease Chemotherapy Due to System Failures, Leaving Patients in a Lurch

In a shocking turn of events, Messino Cancer Centers in Asheville, North Carolina, have decided to discontinue chemotherapy for acute hematology cancer patients at Mission Hospital. This decision, driven by concerns over ongoing system failures, is expected to impact the lives of dozens of patients.

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This development underscores the importance of system efficiency and patient safety in healthcare institutions. As healthcare professionals, it is crucial to advocate for the necessary resources and procedures that ensure optimal patient care. This situation serves as a reminder of our responsibility to our patients and the potential consequences of system failures.

Key Points

  • Messino Cancer Centers have expressed concerns over “ongoing system failures” that could potentially harm patients.
  • More than 50 patients are likely to be forced to seek care outside of Asheville.
  • The decision affects complex hematology cancer patients, including those with acute leukemias requiring induction therapy and primary central nervous system lymphomas.
  • Atrium Health and Duke Health, which are not facing similar struggles, offer hematology services in Charlotte and Durham respectively.
  • The letter from Messino Cancer Centers highlights several resources and procedures necessary to prevent future errors.

“With heavy hearts, the physicians at Messino Cancer Centers cannot with good conscience continue to provide inpatient complex hematology care.”
Excerpt from a letter to staff at Messino Cancer Centers in Asheville, North Carolina

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