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Northwestern MedicineWhat We’ve Learned Treating 4,000 Patients with Long COVID-19

Northwestern Medicine’s Pioneering Efforts in Treating Long COVID-19

Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive COVID-19 Center, co-directed by Dr. Igor J. Koralnik, chief of Neuroinfectious Diseases and Global Neurology, has been at the forefront of treating and understanding Long COVID-19. The center has provided personalized care to nearly 4,000 patients, offering insights into the multi-system nature of the disease.

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The work being done at Northwestern Medicine underscores the importance of continued research and treatment for Long COVID-19. As healthcare professionals, it is crucial to stay informed about these developments to provide the best care for our patients.

Key Points

  • Northwestern Medicine established one of the first comprehensive centers for treating Long COVID-19.
  • Long COVID-19 occurs in approximately a third of COVID-19 survivors.
  • The center has treated nearly 4,000 patients via 42 clinicians, providing a personalized approach based on their initial symptoms.
  • Long COVID-19 is not a one-size-fits-all disease; it requires different approaches for patients who had severe COVID-19 pneumonia and those who had mild cases but developed lingering problems.

Long COVID-19 is now the third-leading neurologic disorder in the United States.

Additional Points

  • A recent study from the center surveyed more than 1,800 patients and found that 49% came to neurology, 25% came to pulmonology, and 12% came to cardiology.
  • The most common neurologic symptoms reported are brain fog, headache, muscle pain, fatigue, and exercise intolerance.
  • Among those who were not hospitalized for their acute COVID-19 presentation, the predominant population was female in their 40s.

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