Healthgrades9 Lessons for Doctors from Improv Comedy

As a physician, you improvise every day but may not even realize it. From interpreting non-verbal cues to dealing with unexpected twists in a case, improv is critical. And research shows that taking some classes for the skill enhances communication, improves diagnostic accuracy, boosts patient satisfaction, and reduces physicians’ stress. So, what are you waiting […]

Healthgrades9 Ways to Stay in Medicine Past Retirement

Your identity as a physician is tough to get away from when you step away from the profession. Still, retirement is a unique opportunity that can take you in a completely different direction or provide new opportunities in medicine. From part-time locum tenens work to medical editing or writing, here are some ideas if you’re […]

HealthgradesMost and Least Active Physicians by Specialty

This 2020 Physician Specialty Data Report by the Association of American Medical Colleges identifies the most and least active physicians when considering patient care, teaching, and research. The top 10 active specialties are the usual suspects and only showed minor growth since 2014, but the least active specialties all grew by double digits.