Healthgrades9 Ways to Stay in Medicine Past Retirement

Your identity as a physician is tough to get away from when you step away from the profession. Still, retirement is a unique opportunity that can take you in a completely different direction or provide new opportunities in medicine. From part-time locum tenens work to medical editing or writing, here are some ideas if you’re […]

M3How Much Should Doctors Save at Every Life Stage to Retire?

Saving for retirement can be overwhelming with so many individual factors at play. You’ve worked hard your whole life, so why can’t you enjoy the fruits of your labor when you’re finished practicing? This article presents many things to consider when planning your financial future and details some benchmarks and metrics that will help you […]

M37 Great Gigs for Retired Docs

Nearly half of physicians report the desire to work part-time or in a volunteer capacity upon retirement, a sentiment endorsed by the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA also recommends retired physicians pursue meaningful activities that will offer a sense of purpose during retirement. But what do you choose? Here is a list of seven […]