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Healthgrades for ProfessionalsProvider Turnover: Reasons Differ Among Physicians, Advanced Practice Practitioners

Navigating the Dynamics of Physician and APP Turnover: Unveiling the Impetus and Strategies for Retention

Turnover among healthcare providers, notably physicians and advanced practice practitioners (APPs), presents a substantial challenge to healthcare organizations, impacting financial stability and service continuity. This comprehensive analysis delves into the underlying reasons for turnover, highlighting distinct motivators for physicians and APPs, and sheds light on effective retention strategies to mitigate this pervasive issue.

Key Points:

  • Physician turnover is primarily driven by retirement, whereas compensation is a more significant factor for APPs.
  • The turnover rates show a disparity: 3.8% for physicians and 4.7% for APPs, with smaller healthcare organizations experiencing the highest turnover.
  • Financial incentives, such as signing and retention bonuses, are prevalent strategies, yet their effectiveness varies across different organization sizes and professional roles.
  • Despite the financial incentives, less than 25% of healthcare organizations have formal retention programs in place.
  • Effective retention strategies include providing administrative support, clinical supplemental teams, technology assistance, mentoring, and leadership opportunities.
  • The impact of turnover extends beyond financial loss, affecting the continuity and quality of patient care and organizational stability.

Data published in 2020 by the Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that the US could see a shortage of 54,100 to 139,000 physicians by 2033. That shortfall is expected to span both primary- and specialty-care fields. (Time)

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