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MDLinx7 Great Gigs for Retired Docs

Exploring Diverse Opportunities for Retired Physicians in the Modern Medical Landscape

As physicians approach retirement, the journey doesn’t have to signify an end but rather a transition to new and fulfilling roles. The American Medical Association (AMA) suggests a gradual shift, with a focus on maintaining mental stimulation and purposeful engagement. This article illustrates seven promising avenues for retired or semi-retired physicians, offering insights into how they can continue to contribute meaningfully to the medical field while adjusting to a new pace of life.

Key Points:

  1. Locum Tenens: Offers a flexible work arrangement for physicians who are not ready to fully retire. These roles, often in varied locations, require maintaining licensure and offer a less demanding workload than full-time positions.
  2. Consulting: Retired physicians can leverage their expertise in institutional, governmental, legal, biotech, or pharma consulting. This role taps into their medical knowledge and professional network.
  3. Telemedicine: Part-time telemedicine work provides an opportunity for physicians to practice remotely. Requires basic computer skills, with potential for good earnings and flexible scheduling.
  4. Teaching: Physicians can shift their focus to education, either continuing in medical schools or exploring teaching opportunities in undergraduate programs or nursing/physician assistant schools.
  5. Healthcare Administration: A role that requires a shift from clinical practice to managing healthcare facilities. Best suited for those with additional qualifications like MBAs or MHAs.
  6. Writing and Editing: Offers a creative outlet for retired physicians, whether in authoring books or contributing to health-related publications. Proficiency in professional writing styles is crucial.
  7. International Volunteerism: Engaging in international medical volunteerism allows physicians to utilize their clinical skills in less technology-dependent environments, even with an expired license.

According to a survey by the Physicians Foundation, 40% of physicians plan to retire, cut back on hours, or leave their current practice within the next three years, underscoring the need for alternative career paths post-retirement.

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