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MDLinxFrom Fecal Matter Exposure to Vaginal Lacerations, Disney World Visitors Face Health Risks

A Closer Look at Disney World’s Hygiene Challenges and Their Implications

A recent article has shed light on the unexpected health risks faced by visitors at Disney World, ranging from exposure to fecal matter to physical injuries from rides. The findings underscore the importance of stringent hygiene standards in public spaces and raise questions about potential health implications.

Key Points

  • Multiple instances of open defecation reported at Disney World, posing a risk of bacterial infections.
  • A female visitor sustained severe injuries, including vaginal lacerations and internal organ damage, from a water slide.
  • The park has a designated term, “Human Code H,” for instances of defecation, indicating the frequency of such incidents.
  • Enterococci, bacteria found in fecal matter, can survive up to four months on dry surfaces and can cause Enterococcus faecium infections.
  • In 2021, at least 27 people were infected by shigella bacteria and norovirus after exposure to water contaminated by fecal matter at a Kansas wildlife park.

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According to the CDC, washing hands with soap and water could reduce deaths from diarrheal disease by up to 50%. If everyone routinely washed their hands, 1 million deaths a year could be prevented.

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