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Articles related to VIRAL INFECTIONS


The Most Dangerous Thing You Could Drink Right Now

All Specialties June 11th 2024

The New England Journal of Medicine

Case 16-2024: A 20-Year-Old Man with a Pustular Rash

Dermatology June 6th 2024

The New England Journal of Medicine

Images in Clinical Medicine: Papular–Purpuric “Gloves and Socks” Syndrome in Parvovirus B19 Infection

Dermatology January 18th 2024

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

The Clinical Picture: Conjunctival Petechiae in Infective Endocarditis

Cardiology January 18th 2024


A Study of 500,000 Medical Records Links Viruses to Alzheimer’s Again and Again

Neurology January 17th 2024

The Epoch Times

Alzheimer’s Linked to COVID-19 and Other Common Viral Infections

Neurology November 14th 2023

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