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Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and PracticeThe Use of Technology to Improve Medication Adherence in Heart Failure Patients: A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials

Technologies used in the studies ranged from remote medication monitoring systems to electronic pill boxes and mobile apps.

As technology continues to revolutionize healthcare, its impact on medication adherence in heart failure patients remains a topic of ongoing research. This systematic review delves into the effectiveness of various technological interventions and their potential role in future clinical practice.

Key Points:

  • The systematic review included nine randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with a total of 1,032 participants.
  • Two RCTs showed statistically significant improvement in medication adherence, both of which used mixed interventions.
  • Six RCTs showed improvement, but results were not statistically significant.
  • The studies included in the review showed that most participants found their technologies easy to use or helpful for their treatment plans.

Additional Points:

  • The studies used a variety of methods to measure medication adherence, including self-reporting tools and digital monitoring.
  • The review found variations in the results for other clinical outcomes, such as quality of life and hospital admissions.
  • Four studies showed significant improvement in self-care/self-management or general adherence to self-care.


  • Although technology shows promise in improving self-care among heart failure patients, its impact on medication adherence is still uncertain. More comprehensive and targeted trials are needed to solidify the evidence and inform future clinical practice.

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According to the American Heart Association, about half of the people who develop heart failure die within 5 years of diagnosis.

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