Medical Professionals Reference (MPR)Hypertension Journal Study: Evaluating ARBs vs. ACE Inhibitors Safety Outcomes

Findings: Primary outcomes included AMI, HF, stroke, and CVEs; 51 secondary and safety outcomes included angioedema, cough, syncope, and electrolyte abnormalities. ACE inhibitors were associated with a significantly increased risk of four secondary and safety outcomes compared with ARBs.Design: Multinational cohort study; Patients: ~2.3M ACE, ~674K ARB 

Everyday HealthMedtronic’s LVAD Pulled From Market Due to Neurological, Mortality Risks

The action comes after observational evidence associating the HeartWare left ventricular assist device (LVAD) with increased neurological adverse events and mortality, as well as more than 100 complaints involving delay or failure to restart. First approved in November 2012, the LVAD has been implanted in approximately 2,000 US patients experiencing end-stage heart failure.