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MDLinxYour Patients are Putting Castor Oil in their Eyes. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Some users on social media say that the oil moisturizes the eye area and helps increase blood flow to the area, providing benefits such as improving eyesight quality.

The article from MDLinx discusses a new trend on TikTok where users are applying castor oil around their eyes, claiming it promotes eye health. However, the medical community is skeptical about these claims and warns of potential risks.

Key Points

  • The trend involves massaging castor oil around the eyes to address various eye issues.
  • Users claim benefits such as improved eyesight quality, fighting cataracts, floaters, dry eye, and reducing risks of eye diseases.
  • One small study shows castor oil was beneficial in treating blepharitis.
  • Ophthalmologists warn against this practice due to potential risks.

“There is no scientific evidence to support claims made by TikTokers about its benefits for vision, reduce wrinkles, treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, floaters, presbyopia, or other eye problems.”
— Donny W. Suh, MD, FAAP, MBA, FACS, Ophthalmologist at Gavin Herbert Eye Institute at UCI Health

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