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Exploring the Unexpected Medicinal Trend: Why Patients are Turning to Clove Chewing

All Specialties January 4th 2024


What is Shadow Work, a Not-so-new Mental Health Tactic Trending on TikTok?

Psychiatry November 14th 2023


Your Patients are Putting Castor Oil in their Eyes. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Ophthalmology October 30th 2023


TikTok Users Say Hot Foot Baths Relieve Migraine Pain. But Does It Actually Work?

Neurology October 24th 2023


Young Patients are Smashing Bones in Their Faces with Hammers. Here’s Why and What You Can Do to Stop It.

Family Medicine/General Practice October 11th 2023


A Viral TikTok Doctor Lost Her Medical License After Botching Surgeries

All Specialties August 2nd 2023

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