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Articles related to OFF-LABEL USE

Clinical Outcomes of Intravenous Ketamine Treatment for Depression in the VA Health System

Psychiatry January 23rd 2024


The Controversy Surrounding Ketamine Continues. Should You Be Prescribing It?

Neurology November 7th 2023

Pharmacy Practice News

Protecting Cancer Patients on the Precision Medicine Path

Clinical Pharmacology October 30th 2023

The Weekly Mind Reader: Topiramate’s Potential Role in PTSD Treatment

Psychiatry October 24th 2023

Comparative Effectiveness of Intravenous Ketamine and Intranasal Esketamine in Clinical Practice Among Patients with Treatment-Refractory Depression: An Observational Study

Psychiatry February 22nd 2023

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

Quetiapine for Primary Insomnia: Consider the Risks

Family Medicine/General Practice January 10th 2023

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