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Articles related to ANTIDEPRESSANTS


Using Hyperthermia as Antidepressant Treatment

Psychiatry February 13th 2024

Medical Professionals Reference (MPR)

Primary Care Physician Held Liable for Patient Suicide

Internal Medicine February 13th 2024

Psych Congress Network

Enhancing Depression Treatment: Rapid-Acting Antidepressants Accelerate Onset of Relief

Psychiatry January 23rd 2024

Psychiatry Advisor

Escitalopram Outperforms Other Antidepressants in Acute Phase Treatment of MDD

Psychiatry January 17th 2024

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Johns Hopkins Clinician-Scientists Participate in National Study on Ketamine vs. ECT for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Psychiatry January 3rd 2024

Psych Congress Network

MDD Symptom Improvements with Zuranolone Extend to Daily Lives, Responders Report

Psychiatry November 14th 2023

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