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Articles related to PSYCHEDELICS

Practical Neurology

Illicit Neurology: Taking Issue When the Other Illicit Shoe Drops

Neurology December 6th 2022

The New England Journal of Medicine

Psilocybin in Treatment-Resistant Depression

Neurology November 14th 2022

The New England Journal of Medicine

Single-Dose Psilocybin for a Treatment-Resistant Episode of Major Depression

Psychiatry November 8th 2022


3 Mind-Blowing Books About Psychedelics Treatment that Every Doctor Should Read

Psychiatry November 8th 2022

Clinical Advisor

Ketamine and Esketamine for Depression: Lessons Learned in Clinical Practice

Psychiatry November 8th 2022

JAMA Network

Efficacy and Safety of Ketamine vs. Electroconvulsive Therapy Among Patients with Major Depressive Episode

Neurology October 25th 2022

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