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Articles related to STIMULANTS

Psych Congress Network

Stimulant Use May Increase Heart Damage Risk in Young Adults with ADHD

Pediatrics May 14th 2024

GoodRx Health

Can You Drink Coffee With Blood Pressure Meds? 10 Medications That Interact With Caffeine

All Specialties April 30th 2024

Psych Congress Network

Stimulant Treatment for ADHD Safe to Continue During Pregnancy

Neurology March 12th 2024

Psych Congress Network

Slight Symptom Gains but More Dropouts with Unlicensed Stimulant Doses in ADHD

Psychiatry November 14th 2023

Psych Congress Network

Studies Illustrate Potential of MDMA-, Psilocybin-Assisted Therapies

Psychiatry November 7th 2023

Psych Congress Network

Viloxazine ER Added to Stimulant Treatment for Pediatric ADHD Appears Safe, Effective

Pediatrics September 27th 2023

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