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Psych Congress NetworkViloxazine ER Added to Stimulant Treatment for Pediatric ADHD Appears Safe, Effective

New Study Reveals Viloxazine ER Boosts Efficacy of Stimulant Medications in Children with Inadequate Response

A recent poster presentation at Psych Congress has shed light on the potential of extended-release viloxazine (Viloxazine ER) as an adjunctive treatment for pediatric patients with ADHD who have not responded adequately to traditional stimulant medications.

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This study suggests that viloxazine ER could be a viable adjunctive treatment option. Not only does it appear to be safe when administered alongside stimulants, but it also shows promise in enhancing the efficacy of the primary treatment, as evidenced by significant improvements in ADHD Rating Scale-5 and Clinical Global Impression-Severity scores.

Key Points:
  • The phase IV, open-label study involved 56 pediatric patients aged 6 to 17 who had an inadequate response to methylphenidate or amphetamine.
  • Patients were administered flexibly dosed viloxazine ER (100-600 mg) in the morning for the first four weeks and in the evening for the subsequent four weeks.
  • The primary outcome focused on safety, but efficacy was also evaluated. Common adverse events included headache (17.9%), decreased appetite (12.5%), and upper respiratory tract infection (10.7%).
  • Mean improvements in ADHD Rating Scale-5 scores were 13.5 points at week 4 and 18.2 points at week 8.

Approximately 10% to 30% of individuals with ADHD experience inadequate response or have difficulty tolerating stimulant medications.

Additional Points:
  • Only 3.6% of participants discontinued viloxazine ER due to adverse events.
  • Improvements were also noted in Clinical Global Impression-Severity scores, with mean improvements of 0.9 points at week 4 and 1.4 points at week 8.

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