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Multiple Sclerosis News TodayCow Milk Proteins Likely Trigger of Broader Immune Response with MS

Although plant milks do not exhibit a similar antibody reactivity, vigilance is advised.

A recent study has unveiled a significant connection between the immune response to proteins in cow milk and multiple sclerosis (MS). This response is likely due to the resemblance between milk proteins and proteins in the human central nervous system (CNS). The findings emphasize the importance of personalized dietary considerations for MS patients, though the study also warns against assuming plant-based milk alternatives as an automatic solution.

Key Points:

  • MS patients show higher immune response against cow milk proteins; similarities between these proteins and CNS proteins may cause this reaction.
  • No such differences in immune response were found with almond, other plant-based milks, or sheep milk.
  • High levels of antibodies against beta-casein, a prevalent protein in cow’s milk, were found in MS patients.
  • A potential correlation between high antibody levels against beta-casein and more severe disability was suggested.
  • The immune response to cow milk proteins may result from cross-reactivity to proteins in the brain and spinal cord.

Additional Points:

  • Goat milk also showed higher levels of antibodies in MS patients compared to controls.
  • Healthy adults had a higher immune response against A2 milk.
  • The researchers propose further studies, including the potential impact of MS therapies on immune response to milk antigens.


  • The study highlights the need for personalized dietary screening for MS patients, focusing on antibodies against different types of milk and milk antigens, and calls for further research in this area.

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Did You Know?
Approximately 2.8 million people worldwide are affected by MS as of 2020, with women being 2-3 times more likely to develop the disease than men.

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