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Optometry and Vision Science (OVS)Is There Any Association between Nutrition and Myopia? A Systematic Review

Inconclusive Links Between Dietary Elements and Myopia Progression

A comprehensive systematic review delves into the complex relationship between nutrition and myopia, revealing inconsistent findings across multiple studies. The review scrutinizes both noninterventional and interventional studies to assess the role of various nutrients and dietary elements in the development and progression of myopia.

Key Points:

  • The review included 27 studies, each exploring different combinations of nutrients and dietary elements.
  • Most noninterventional studies showed inconsistent associations between nutrients and myopia.
  • Interventional trials indicated a minimal clinical difference in myopia control between control and treated groups over a one-year duration.
  • The Odds Ratios (ORs) and 95% Confidence Intervals (CIs) in most studies indicated minimal effects and wide ranges, respectively.

Additional Points:

  • Several theories propose how macronutrients and micronutrients might influence myopia, but these are not universally supported.
  • Limitations in the studies include varying methods of quantification and lack of adjustment for potential confounding factors.
  • The review itself is limited by its inability to quantify the extent of associations due to the diverse nature of the included studies.


  • Although there is some evidence suggesting a potential influence of specific nutrients and dietary elements on myopia, the findings are far from conclusive. Further systematic investigation is needed to clarify these associations.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 30% of the world’s population is affected by myopia, making it one of the leading causes of visual impairment globally.

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