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Articles related to MYOPIA/HYPEROPIA

Optometry Advisor

Optometric Management Can Affect Post LASIK, PRK Outcomes

Ophthalmology September 26th 2023

Optometry and Vision Science (OVS)

Comparison of Myopia Progression among Myopic Children with Intermittent Exotropia and No Strabismus

Optometry September 26th 2023

Optometry and Vision Science (OVS)

Is There Any Association between Nutrition and Myopia? A Systematic Review

Optometry August 28th 2023

Optometry Advisor

Pediatric Myopia Management: Why It’s More Than Just a Pair of Glasses

Optometry July 24th 2023

Optometry and Vision Science (OVS)

Evaluation of a Pilot Protocol for Detecting Infant Hyperopia

Optometry May 31st 2023


Researchers Explain How Reading Might Contribute to Myopia

Optometry April 20th 2023

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