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OBR OncologyNFL Cheerleading and Oncology: Meet the Woman Balancing Two Careers

Olivia Kerins specializes in oncology nursing and is also a cheerleader for the New England Patriots.

Olivia Kerins is not just an oncology nurse; she’s also a cheerleader for the NFL’s New England Patriots. While juggling these seemingly disparate careers, Kerins has found a common thread—her deep commitment to community service, a passion she inherited from her mother. Whether it’s screening for skin cancer or rallying fans at a football game, she uses her platform to engage and educate her community.

HCN Medical Memo
Olivia Kerins’ story exemplifies the broad impact healthcare professionals can have when they step outside traditional roles. Her multi-dimensional approach, covering both direct healthcare and community education, offers a model for how we can all engage more comprehensively with our communities to improve public health.

Key Points
  • Community service is a shared value across both her careers, including educational outreach on skin cancer prevention.
  • She has contributed to community healthcare by offering skin checks and educational resources, particularly focusing on the lack of awareness around skin cancer in New England.
  • Kerins’ family owns a business called Nursing on Demand, through which she donates skin checks to shelters and veteran homes.

“It’s not so much that ‘Today, I’m Olivia the nurse’ and ‘Today, I’m Olivia the cheerleader.’ It’s always me, and I have the same beliefs and the same goals no matter where I am. Making a positive impact on someone, whether it’s in the hospital or in a stadium, is pretty substantial.”
– Olivia Kerins, NFL Cheerleader and Oncology Nurse

Additional Points
  • Planning and organization are crucial to balance her demanding roles, as both professions have their own set schedules.
  • She has leveraged her nursing skills even during cheerleading events, including aiding team members with minor injuries.

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