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The Epoch TimesScientists Uncover Mechanism Viruses Use to Cause Cancer

Unveiling the Viral Blueprint: KSHV’s Role in Cancer Genesis and the Path to Targeted Therapies

In a recent study from the Cleveland Clinic, researchers have elucidated a pivotal mechanism by which Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) contributes to cancer development. This discovery, centering on the virus’s exploitation of cellular metabolic pathways, opens new avenues for targeted therapeutic interventions, potentially altering the treatment landscape for virus-induced malignancies.

Key Points:

  • Viral infections are implicated in 10-20% of cancers globally, with KSHV playing a significant role.
  • KSHV, or human herpesvirus 8, is linked to Kaposi sarcoma and certain lymphomas, predominantly affecting immunocompromised individuals.
  • The study identified that KSHV manipulates cell metabolism and growth pathways, accelerating cancer progression.
  • Researchers used FDA-approved breast cancer drugs to inhibit the virus’s replication and tumor growth in preclinical models.
  • The virus’s control over CDK6 and CAD proteins was pinpointed as a crucial factor in its cancer-inducing mechanism.
  • The intervention led to substantial tumor reduction and enhanced survival rates in lymphoma cell lines.
  • This research might pave the way for new treatments for KSHV-associated and potentially other virus-related cancers.
  • The findings underscore the broader implications of viral mechanisms in cancer, suggesting a possible intersection with non-viral cancers.

“Our findings have significant implications: Viruses cause between 10 [percent] to 20 [percent] of cancers worldwide… Understanding how pathogens transform a healthy cell into a cancer cell uncovers exploitable vulnerabilities and allows us to make and repurpose existing drugs that can effectively treat virus-associated malignancies.”
– Jun Zhao, Lead Author

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