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Nebraska Woman is Suing for Malpractice After Receiving Gender-affirming Care and Double Mastectomy

All Specialties October 4th 2023

Pharmacy Today

Pharmacists Can Break Down Barriers to Transgender Health Care

Clinical Pharmacology July 31st 2023

General Psychiatry (GPSYCH)

The Mean Age of Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis is Decreasing

Pediatrics July 19th 2023

Pharmacy Today

Gender-affirming Care and Pharmacy Practice

Explore a course created to equip pharmacists with the knowledge and abilities to assist patients who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming (TGND). The educational program “Gender-Affirming Care in Pharmacy Practice” is a comprehensive guide for pharmacists to better serve transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) patients. It provides a deep understanding of the terminology related to TGD patient populations, including definitions of gender identity, gender expression, and various gender identities. The program emphasizes the importance of gender-affirming care, which includes social, medical, psychological, and behavioral care that aligns with a person’s gender identity. It also provides guidance on how to communicate inclusively with TGD patients, such as introducing oneself with name and pronouns, asking open-ended questions, and avoiding unnecessary or invasive questions. Furthermore, the program highlights the health disparities faced by TGD individuals seeking gender-affirming care, such as higher levels of unemployment and healthcare discrimination. It also discusses the coverage of gender-affirming care by Medicaid, which varies across states. The program provides detailed information on hormone therapy for TGD patients, including testosterone and estrogen hormone therapy. It discusses the potential side effects, contraindications, and the importance of contraception for patients at risk of becoming pregnant while on testosterone therapy. Lastly, the […]

Clinical Pharmacology May 31st 2023

Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA)

Ohio Community Pharmacists’ Provision of Inclusive Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Patients

Explore how neighborhood pharmacists are tackling the Gender-Affirming Care Guide’s difficulty of comprehension and application. The study provides a critical analysis of community pharmacists’ awareness and use of the Gender-Affirming Care Guide. Unveiled by the American Pharmacists Association and Human Rights Campaign in March 2021, the guide represents a pivotal tool for delivering competent and respectful care to transgender and gender-diverse patients. Nonetheless, reports on pharmacists’ familiarity with, and adherence to, the guide are currently lacking. To examine this, an anonymous survey, structured around the guide’s principles, was sent to 700 Ohio community pharmacists. Of the 688 recipients, a mere 12% responded, revealing a stark lack of awareness about the guide – only 10% knew of its existence. Moreover, their self-reported ability to define key terminologies varied widely. Indeed, 95% could correctly define “transgender,” but only 14% knew “intersectionality.” The report underscores the importance of adopting the guide’s suggested practices. Notably, it found that 61% collected patients’ preferred names, and 54% considered transgender, gender-diverse, or non-heterosexual patients during staff training. Nevertheless, less than half claimed their pharmacy software managed critical gender-related data effectively. Despite these shortcomings, the surveyed pharmacists displayed a substantial interest in learning more about the guide’s contents. […]

Clinical Pharmacology May 31st 2023

Journal of the American Dental Assocation (JADA)

Barriers to Oral Health Care for Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Populations

Dentistry May 15th 2023

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