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Articles related to LGBTQIA+ MEDICINE

Journal of the American Dental Assocation (JADA)

Barriers to Oral Health Care for Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Populations

Dentistry May 15th 2023

British Medical Journal

Caring for Young People with Gender Dysphoria

Internal Medicine March 22nd 2023

British Medical Journal

Gender Dysphoria in Young People is Rising—and So is Professional Disagreement

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism March 7th 2023

Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR)

Sunlenca Approved for Patients with Multidrug-Resistant HIV-1 Infection

Allergy & Immunology January 11th 2023

The American Journal of Psychiatry

2022 Articles of Importance and Impact

Psychiatry January 10th 2023


IDWeek 2022 Study Bites: What’s New in HIV Antiretroviral Therapy

Internal Medicine December 7th 2022

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