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DocWire NewsTargeted Chemotherapy Pill Destroys All Solid Tumors in Early Testing

AOH1996 targets a mutated form of PCNA, essential for DNA replication and repair in tumors.

Researchers at the City of Hope have developed a novel targeted chemotherapy pill, AOH1996, that targets a cancerous variant of PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen). This approach, once considered too challenging, has shown promising results in preclinical research, effectively destroying all solid tumors without harming healthy cells. The therapy is now advancing to phase 1 clinical trials.

Key Points:

  • The drug was tested in more than 70 cancer cell lines, showing effectiveness in killing cancer cells without toxicity.
  • AOH1996 disrupts the normal cell reproductive cycle, preventing damaged cells from dividing and mutating.
  • The City of Hope is currently running a phase 1 clinical trial in humans for AOH1996.

Additional Points:

  • The targeted approach focuses on transcription replication conflicts, a unique aspect of cancer cells.
  • The development of AOH1996 represents a breakthrough in targeting what was once considered an “undruggable” protein.


  • The discovery of AOH1996 opens a new avenue for targeted cancer therapy, potentially revolutionizing treatment by specifically targeting cancer cells without affecting healthy ones.

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“Our cancer-killing pill is like a snowstorm that closes a key airline hub, shutting down all flights in and out only in planes carrying cancer cells.”

Dr. Linda Malkas
Dean of Translational Science and External Affairs
City of Hope
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