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Decisions in DentistryTreating Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy

A variety of detrimental dental health impacts are seen by those who receive head and neck radiation.

This CE program educates on the complexities of managing oral health in patients undergoing head and neck radiation therapy, offering dental professionals actionable insights for effective care.

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This CE program is an invaluable resource for your practice, especially as the incidence of head and neck cancers continues to rise. Understanding the oral complications of radiation therapy will enable you to provide more effective and compassionate care to this growing patient population.

  • Overview: This course, expiring in August 2026, provides a comprehensive look at oral conditions and treatment options for patients undergoing head and neck radiation therapy.
  • Conflicts of Interest: The authors have no commercial conflicts of interest to disclose.
  • Target Audience: Dental professionals interested in understanding and managing the oral health complications associated with radiation therapy.
  • Learning Objectives: Participants will learn to recognize various oral conditions, discuss management strategies for side effects, and provide individualized oral care instructions.
  • Accreditation & Credit Designation Statements: This is a 2 credit hour self-study activity, electronically mediated, with an AGD Subject Code of 730.

Approximately 29% of patients receiving head and neck radiation therapy develop radiation-related caries within 3 months of treatment conclusion.


The course covers a range of oral conditions like mucositis, trismus, and xerostomia that are common in patients undergoing radiation therapy. It also emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary care and timely referrals between dental and oncology teams.

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