HMP CommunicationsFDA Approves Novel Dosing Regimen for Cetuximab in CRC, Head and Neck Cancer

The approval of the new cetuximab (Erbitux) dosage – 500 mg/m2 as a two-hour IV infusion every two weeks – was based on population pharmacokinetic (PK) modeling analyses and provides an alternative option to the previously approved weekly dose. Cetuximab can be dosed alone or in combination with chemotherapy.

American Society of Clinical OncologyTime to Debunk an Urban Myth? The “Abscopal Effect” With Radiation and Anti–PD-1

The term abscopal effect (from Latin, ab, meaning “away from,” and scopus, meaning “target”) was coined in 1953, specifically referring to effects of ionizing radiation outside the radiated tumor volume. Does the evidence show that, contrary to widely held perception in the field, the abscopal effect is exceedingly rare and is not clinically relevant when […]