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Parkinson’s News TodayAI Platform Will Design Precision Parkinson’s, Neurological Therapies

Innovating Neurological Treatment: The NAIO Platform’s New Approach to Targeting CNS Disorders

Manifest Technologies has recently partnered with Johnson & Johnson to leverage its NAIO (Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Optimized) platform in the development of precision therapies for neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. This AI-driven platform combines advanced neuroimaging from both human and animal studies to identify and validate therapeutic targets within the central nervous system, aiming to enhance the specificity and efficacy of clinical interventions.

Key Points:

  • Foundation and Collaboration: Manifest Technologies, established in 2021 by specialists from Yale University, has launched the NAIO platform in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, focusing on precision therapies for neurological conditions.
  • Technological Integration: The NAIO platform utilizes AI to integrate neuroimaging data from humans and animals, identifying potential therapeutic targets for CNS disorders.
  • Clinical Trial Optimization: By enhancing patient selection for clinical trials, the platform aims to deliver more tailored therapies and improve trial outcomes.
  • Funding and Support: Initial funding for Manifest was sourced from entities like Kaleida Capital and Connecticut Innovations, underscoring significant investor confidence.
  • Global Impact: Neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, affect over a billion people worldwide, emphasizing the urgent need for more effective treatments.
  • Economic and Clinical Challenges: Developing CNS-targeting drugs is costly and risky, with a typical development cost of $2 billion and a 96% failure rate in clinical trials.
  • Strategic Aims: The NAIO platform seeks to reduce the time and cost associated with developing new therapies by optimizing the process of neural target selection and enhancing the precision of clinical trials.
  • Early Access and Validation: The partnership with Johnson & Johnson grants early access to Manifest’s biomarker validation technologies for high-priority neurological conditions.

“With a group of key initial investors and strategic partners we believe Manifest is ideally positioned to advance a platform that unifies computational clinical neuroscience with AI technology to guide the discovery and delivery of personalized treatments that are most likely to benefit patients at the individual level.”
— Alan Anticevic, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Manifest

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