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Articles related to LONG-TERM CARE (LTC)

Journal of Clinical Oncology

Overall Survival Remains Important in Trials of Early-Line Multiple Myeloma Therapy

Oncology, Medical March 29th 2022

British Medical Journal

Risks of Mental Health Outcomes in People with COVID-19: Cohort Study

Allergy & Immunology March 1st 2022

Comparative Fracture Risk During Osteoporosis Drug Holidays After Long-Term Risedronate vs. Alendronate Therapy

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism January 19th 2022

MedPage Today

Questioning Aspirin’s Role After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Acute Coronary Syndrome

Cardiology January 5th 2022

GoodRx Health

Living With COVID: A Long Hauler’s Journey

Allergy & Immunology December 14th 2021

Journal of Clinical Oncology

Who is MB and What Does She Want?

Geriatrics November 30th 2021