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Latest From Journal of Pharmacy Practice (JPP)

Journal of Pharmacy Practice (JPP) is a peer-reviewed journal that offers practicing pharmacists in-depth useful reviews and research trials and surveys of new drugs and novel therapeutic approaches, pharmacotherapy reviews and controversies, pharmacokinetics, drug interactions, drug administration, adverse drug events, medication safety, pharmacy education, and other pharmacy practice topics. Several issues will be partially dedicated to a pharmacy practice theme such as medication therapy management or drug-induced diseases. Special sections include biomedical informatics reviews, cardiology key articles, and the New York State Council of Health-System Section.

Like the pharmacy profession, topics are diverse. Recent topics have included:

  • Anticoagulation—Treating Thrombosis in Selected Patient Populations
  • Anticoagulation—Dosing, Monitoring, and Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Immunology and Autoimmune Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases in the Critically III
  • Diabetes Management
  • Topics in Internal Medicine
  • Hepatitis
  • Hepatology
  • Cardiovascular Therapeutics
  • Rheumatology

    Each peer-reviewed issue assesses practice issues; practice settings; therapeutics issues; disease management; the latest research; current government, legal and regulatory issues; as well as issues arising from today’s topsy-turvy health-care environment. Each issue features a guest editor with particular expertise in the subject area.


     Journal Specialty Sections

    In addition to the main topic review articles, most issues will contain an Adverse Drug Events Section, Drug Information Section, Pharmacy Experiential Education Section, Law and Ethics in Pharmacy Practice Section, and a Biomedical Communications and Informatics Reviews Section.

    The Adverse Drug Events Section will review drug-induced adverse effect case reports, plausible mechanisms, a literature review, and recommendations for management and prevention.

    The Drug Information Section will provide the practitioner with comprehensively searched and evidence-based answers to a variety of drug information questions posed by health care professionals. A search strategy by drug information specialists will be provided to the audience.

    The Pharmacy Education Section will provide contemporary reviews addressing the challenges and innovations associated with providing quality learning experiences for students enrolled in pharmacy experiential education activities. It will offer recommendations/ suggestions for individuals who serve as experiential pharmacy preceptors. Potential topics will be selected by a nationally recognized group of pharmacy practitioners involved in experiential education and will address academic, administrative, and accreditation-related issues.

    The Law and Ethics in Pharmacy Practice Section will analyze pharmacy law, statutes and regulations, public policy, and ethical dilemmas as it pertains to pharmacy and health care.

    The Biomedical Communications and Informatics Reviews Section will thoroughly review new books, journals, drug information resources, and Web sites. Occasionally, research articles, special feature articles, editorials, and commentaries will be published.

    Journal Submissions

    Journal of Pharmacy Practice welcomes submissions for all journal sections including the Adverse Drug Events Section, Drug Information Section, Pharmacy Education Section, Law and Ethics in Pharmacy Practice Section, and Biomedical Communications and Informatics Reviews Section—section editors should be contacted directly for guidelines and submissions. Unsolicited manuscripts including research articles, commentaries, andother reports will also be considered for publication and should be submitted to the Editor-In-Chief.

    This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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