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Latest From The Medical Futurist

Our Mission

We help understand digital health technologies to bring healthcare into the 21st century.

Our Vision

We envision healthcare to be invisible. You are enjoying the attention of experts and technologies of the healthcare universe but you only engage if necessary.

We envision healthcare to be seamless. From a symptom to monitoring a condition, every process is constantly improved to become error-free.
We envision healthcare to be preventative. Becoming proactive gives us the chance to live longer and healthier lives preventing diseases from developing.

The vision becomes real if you receive care, diagnosis, and treatment wherever you are. You become the hospital.

We are bridging the gaps between: this vision and today’s reality, e-patients and physicians, future-proof policies and policymakers, and disruptive innovations and organizations.

At The Medical Futurist, we are building a community to make this happen.
A community of empowered patients, future-oriented healthcare professionals, concerned health policymakers, sensible health tech developers and enthusiastic medical students.
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