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Articles related to SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER (SCLC)

OBR Oncology

Serplulimab First Anti-PD-1 to Improve Overall Survival in Extensive-Stage SCLC

Oncology, Medical June 27th 2022

MedPage Today

Smoker’s Painless Skin Nodules Flag a Fatal Diagnosis

Cardiology April 27th 2022

Cancer Therapy Advisor

Adebrelimab Improves PFS, OS in Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

Oncology, Medical April 26th 2022

MedPage Today

Immunotherapy Combo Fails to Boost Survival in Limited-Disease SCLC

Internal Medicine November 30th 2021

MedPage Today

Negative Trials Close the Book on Once-Promising SCLC Drug

Internal Medicine October 29th 2021

First-Line Pembrolizumab Combo Improves PFS in Patients w. Extensive-Stage SCLC

Internal Medicine June 29th 2020