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NEJM Evidence, a new monthly digital journal from NEJM Group, presents innovative original research and fresh, bold ideas in clinical trial design and clinical decision-making.

Aims and Scope

The volume of clinical research continues to grow, yet the standards to establish and validate claims, especially as related to clinical practice, have not followed suit. NEJM Evidence expands the corpus of published research with a focus on providing more context and critical evaluation of the methods and results to support clinical decision-making and does so in a way that respects the time and commitment of the practitioner.

NEJM Evidence seeks to advance clinical trial research and clinical practice by:

  • Publishing high-quality studies from the front lines of medical research.
  • Challenging the medical community to take new approaches to clinical trial design and execution that yield more powerful clinical evidence.
  • Sparking debate and conversation around areas of medicine where clinical decisions are made without sufficient evidence.
  • Engaging physicians in a more sophisticated and meaningful way with clinical evidence.

Adhering to the rigorous peer-review and quality standards expected from NEJM Group, NEJM Evidence publishes:

  • Original research, clinical trials, and other clinically grounded work (e.g., epidemiology studies, first-in-human trials, meta-analyses) that validate or challenge prior clinical findings.
  • Standard reviews, systematic reviews, and other review types that contextualize research findings with the aim of accelerating clinical adoption of new evidence.
  • Case studies and reviews of clinical trial methodology that enhance understanding of trial strengths and weaknesses.
  • Curbside consult series that addresses common patient care issues.
  • Morning Report series solicited case presentation articles that are delivered in a morning report format.

Unique content and features include:

  • Tomorrow’s Trial, a series of short pieces that highlight accepted practices lacking solid evidence and inviting clinician readers to propose clinical trials to fill those gaps.
  • Patient Platform, in which patients who have been in a clinical trial, part of a research study, or had their care impacted strongly by these, share their thoughts on their experience.
  • Stats, STAT!, a brief animated video explaining a statistical concept based on a statistical review.

Generation of Evidence

The process of generating evidence is a key area of focus for NEJM Evidence. We encourage readers to evaluate the reasoning behind the complex decisions that investigators make in trial design and execution, and to assess the quality of evidence produced in trials. Our goal is to build a community that takes a rigorous approach to evaluating evidence and assessing its impact on clinical decision-making.

Statistical Methods

NEJM Evidence guides readers toward a deeper understanding of the statistical methods used in trials. We provide concise, digestible explanations of research methods to inform the interpretation of the resulting data. In addition, we introduce readers to emerging statistical methods and types of data that will play an increasingly prominent role in future trials.

Multidisciplinary Coverage

NEJM Evidence publishes content relevant across all medical disciplines to advance the discussion of how to generate evidence that informs patient care. Physician-scientists, trialists, and general medicine and subspecialty clinicians will all benefit from this publication.

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