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Articles related to ANTIDEPRESSANTS

MedPage Today

How Durable are Responses to Novel Antidepressant Zuranolone in MDD?

Neurology October 3rd 2022

British Medical Journal

Response to Acute Monotherapy for Major Depressive Disorder in Randomized, Placebo Controlled Trials Submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration: Individual Participant Data Analysis

Psychiatry August 8th 2022

British Medical Journal

“No Convincing Evidence” That Depression is Caused by Low Serotonin Levels, Say Study Authors

Psychiatry July 26th 2022

JAMA Network

Effect of Pharmacogenomic Testing for Drug-Gene Interactions on Medication Selection and Remission of Symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder: The PRIME Care Randomized Clinical Trial

Psychiatry July 19th 2022


Modifying Treatment Strategies to Address Poor Response in Major Depressive Disorder

Psychiatry July 5th 2022

Meta-Analysis of Suicidality in Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trials of Adults Taking Bupropion

Psychiatry May 10th 2022

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