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Who we are, and what we stand for

The BMJ is defined by its mission: to work towards a healthier world for all. We share that global endeavor with millions of readers working in clinical practice, research, education, government, and with patients and the public too.

This mission defines us, far more than the format of our content. After nearly 180 years, our print edition still thrives, and has been joined by podcast, video, tweet, app, website and live events. But, as each of these formats gains ground or declines in importance, the things The BMJ cares about will endure:

• Improving the creation and dissemination of research evidence
• Improving clinical education and practice
• Advocating for universal, equitable, high quality healthcare
• Championing the health and wellbeing of doctors
• Improving the social and environmental determinants of health

While pursuing these goals, we commit to partnering with patients and the public to ensure their best interests are served; and to being as transparent and accountable as possible in everything we do.

The BMJ can be many things to its diverse audiences: an international research journal, a member magazine, a think tank, an investigative campaigner, an educational resource, even a trusted and inspiring friend. Whatever The BMJ means to you, we invite you to share our mission and join us in working towards a healthier world for all.

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