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About Parkinson’s News Today

Parkinson’s News Today is a digital platform intended to provide the Parkinson’s disease community with the most recent news and information on Parkinson’s, as well as first-hand community perspectives from our patient and caregiver columnists.

All articles on Parkinson’s News Today are original content produced by in-house writers and editors. Occasionally, we seek the opinion of outside experts for interviews and Q&As.

The publishing team at Parkinson’s News Today is made up of science writers and editors, most of whom have PhDs in the life sciences; veteran journalists; and columnists who are members of the PAR community. Together, they ensure that all content published on Parkinson’s News Today is relevant, accurate, informative, relatable, and easy to understand.

Our daily reporting includes:

  • news stories detailing the latest research and information on Parkinson’s
  • columns by members of the Parkinson’s community
  • feature stories and community profiles
  • in-depth reports
  • interviews and Q&As with leading experts
  • comprehensive conference coverage
  • resource and informational pages
  • audio news

Editorial and fact-checking process

Each piece of content is carefully selected and written with the Parkinson’s community in mind. Sources for news stories and resource pages include peer-reviewed studies, press releases, announcements, interviews, webinars, and conference sessions, among others. All articles go through a stringent fact-checking and editing process to ensure they are accurate, objective, comprehensive, and well-explained.

Our columns are written by Parkinson’s patients and caregivers who provide an intimate look at what it’s like to live with the disease. Their stories offer a realistic first-hand account of various aspects of the disease, in addition to providing inspiration and hope to our patient communities. While columns are largely opinion and perspective pieces, each one still goes through a comprehensive editing and fact-checking process to ensure clarity, accuracy, and fairness.

Advertising policy

Parkinson’s News Today upholds the highest levels of journalistic integrity, with the goal of maintaining objectivity and transparency. As such, editorial content published on the website is not influenced in any way by its advertisers. While relevant and responsible sponsorships are accepted, editorial content is produced independently of advertising and is not subject to undue influence from either external or internal factors.

Advertising content is clearly marked and separated from editorial content throughout the website. Revenue generated from advertising and sponsorships allows us to continue our mission of informing and empowering members of the Parkinson’s community.

For more information, see our Advertising Policy.


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